Hello. Get to Know Merger.

Hello. Get to Know Merger.

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The Background

Found it hard to pay a friend, or your bill? In China, mobilised payments can’t be easier. Open the app, scan a qrcode provided by the payee, done. No 16 digits of bank account numbers, no sort code, no text message comfirmations. Behind this is a good amount of mobile merchant service providers (like AliPay, WeChat Pay or the Union Pay).

The New Issue

People might get used to a certain service provider and usually pay with that operator. For those people who run business or simply want to receive donations, they will have to put up multiple qrocdes to make sure themselves always get paid from those who want to pay. This is how it will look like:

Multiple Qrcodes on a Website (Google Translated from Chinese)

And if you scan the qrcode with the wrong app, it simply won’t work:

Qrocde errors

How Merger Solve It

Here comes Merger: it is a simple yet powerful HTML based application that can help people merge multiple qrcodes into one link. So that the payer can concentrate on only one qrcode, or one simple link:

The donate button on merger.justhx.com

The button will then direct the user to https://donate.justhx.com, where he gets to choose which from all payment methods available.

While multiple optiumisations are done on our side, all you need is configure it within 5 minutes, upload it to your server and wait for your costomers to send money through, in a easier, quicker and better way.

Quick Start

cd /path/to/the/directory
wget https://github.com/hifocus/merger/archive/0.20.zip
unzip 0.20.zip && cd merger-0.20 && mv * ../
cd ../ && mv merger.html index.html

More info: Install


vim index.html

More info: Configure

Please submit an issue if you meet any problems while using Merger. Remember to describe your questions clearly so others can help you.

>>> Proceed to /docs to learn more about installation, configuration and deployments.