Merger it is a simple yet powerful HTML based application that can help people merge multiple qrcodes into one link. So that the payer can concentrate on only one qrcode, or one simple link.

Read more about the background at Hello. Get to Know Merger.

You can generate a QR Code for your merger (see an example) or send your merger link to someone else. Merger will detect the person’s client by User Agent, then present relavent contents.

Since Release 0.20, merger had supported multilingual, usage definition and automatic page title & icon for the first time. This means you could configure merger easier, and your users will gain better experience while using merger.


  • Supports multilingual.
  • Minimal number of requests, fastest loading speed.
  • Detailed code comments , make ease for further developments.
  • Integrate with actual usage scenes, to present a individually-designed style for each payment method.
  • Highly customisable, everthing on the page can be changed through the preset Javascript codes. No need for any programming technique.
  • All static contents are merged and served through the Open Source CDN jsDelivr.

Live Demo

Host Environment: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS | nginx/1.16.0 | Accelerated By CloudFlare | Hosted By Vultr

Or Use Phone Camera | QQ Mobile | WeChat | Alipay to Scan this QR Code

Demo From Users

Submit your merger site here for presentation


The screenshot below showed different styles whlist opening merger in different clients. Download Raw Image


  • If you spotted any problems during using merger, please create an Issue.
  • If you want to make merger even better, welcome to submit Pull Requests.


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