We would only suggest you to use versions that are released, instead of copying the whole code repository that would maintain its development progress.

Before using any releases, please make sure you have read relevent release notes.

Before We Start

?> We would strongly advise you to subscribe our releases through the Release Only option to get further version updates.

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!> Once a new version is released, the primary email you set in GitHub Settings will receive a notification email.

Latest Release

Stable Release:


Get Stable Release:

Get Pre-release:

You may use the links below to download relevent merger releases:

Latest / Pre-release

Using Command Line

You may also use the command below to download relevent merger release:

wget # latest

After you downloaded merger, you should firstly finish the configuration to merger (see Configure), then use your preferred tool to upload the whole merger directory to your server to complete the deployment (see Deploy).